Thermometry Issues

Thermometric Scales

(1) A Brazilian tourist feels bad during a trip to New York. On examination at a local hospital, the nurse tells him that his current temperature was 105 ° C, but that he should rest assured that he had already dropped 4 ° C. After the fright, the tourist realized that his temperature had been measured on a Fahrenheit scale. What was your previous temperature and what is your current temperature?

Previous: 105 ° + 4 ° = 109 ° F

Current: 105 ° F

(2) An astronomer analyzes a black hole in space. After many studies he came to the conclusion that this heavenly body had a temperature of 10K. What is the temperature of the black hole in Celsius scale?

(3) A physics student created a scale (° X), compared to the Celsius scale, he obtained the following graph:

The. What is the conversion equation between the two scales?

B. What is the human body temperature (37 ° C) on this scale?