Simulations / Animations

In this section you will find links to various animations and simulations involving interesting physics topics.


Projectile launch - Simulates a cannon fire that launches a projectile and shows in three moments the reached height, distance from the starting point and the moment of marking. You can modify the projectile type, launch angle, initial velocity, mass and diameter of the projectile.

Evenly Accelerated Motion - Simulates a person's movement and shows the graphs that describe it. You can modify the starting position, starting speed and acceleration.


Simple Pendulum - Simulates a simple pendulum in simple harmonic motion and showing the graph of this movement in various quantities. You can modify the size of the object at the pendulum tip and its velocity.

Wave Overlay - The two waves from the top of the simulation are superimposed resulting in the third wave. Wave speeds and frequencies can be changed.


Electric Field - Simulates the interaction of particles in an electric field.

Faraday Current - Simulates the appearance of electric current by varying the magnetic field.