Acoustic range

Human hearing is able to differentiate some characteristics of sound such as its height, interval and timbre.

THE sound height depends only on its frequency, being defined as the differentiation between serious and acute.

A higher pitch is high and a lower pitch is low.

The intervals between two sounds are given by the quotient between their frequencies. That is:

Since the interval is a quotient between two measures of the same unit, it has no dimension.

In the song a nomenclature is given for each interval:

Acoustic IntervalFrequency Ratio
Larger Tuesday5:4
Minor third6:5
Sixth major5:3
Sixth minor8:5
Higher Tone (M)9:8
Minor Tone (m)10:9
Semitone (s)16:15

Musical notes of the same name are separated by an octave interval (2: 1)

O timbre One sound is the characteristic that allows the differentiation of two sounds of the same pitch and intensity, but which are emitted by different instruments.

In this way, a song performed by a violin and a piano is differentiated by the timbre.