Static and Hydrostatic Issues


(1) What is the pressure caused by a 12N force applied to a rectangular surface of dimensions 15cm x 5cm?


and the area of ​​the rectangle is given by multiplying its sides and converting the units to SI:

(2) What is the pressure exerted by a 0.7kg / m³ density fluid that fills a 2m high cylindrical container?

Stevin's theorem

(1) In a submerged submarine 100m below sea level is it subjected to a pressure of 11atm, when it rises to a height of 50m below sea level what is the pressure exerted on it? Data 1 atm = 100000Pa, water density = 1000kg / m³ and acceleration of gravity = 10m / s²

Starting pressure = 1100000Pa

Pascal's theorem

(1) The tool used in auto repair shops is called a hydraulic jack. In one situation you need to lift a 1000kg mass car. The surface used to lift the car has an area of ​​4m², and the area of ​​force application is equal to 0.0025m². Given the drawing below, what is the force applied to lift the car?