Static and Hydrostatic

Basic Principles

Statics is the part of physics that is concerned with explaining issues such as:

  • Why on a table supported by two feet, do they need to be in a certain position so that it does not swing?
  • Why is a door handle always placed at the farthest point from its hinges?
  • Why does a picture hanging on a nail need to be stuck exactly in its half?
  • Why is it easier to break an egg by its sides than by its edges?

Principle of force transmissibility

The effect of a force does not change when it is applied at different points on the body as long as it is applied along its line of application.

In all three cases the effect of force is the same.


The situations in which a body may be in balance are:

  • Static Balance: Occurs when the point or body is perfectly still ().
  • Dynamic Balance: Occurs when point or body is in Uniform Motion.