John Alexander Reina Newlands was an important English chemist, born in Southwark, London, in 1837. He studied the periodicity of chemical element properties.

It preceded Dmitri Mendeleiev in the formulation of the Periodic Table. Studied at Royal College of Chemistry. He was an industrial chemist and worked at a sugar mill as chief chemist and wrote a treatise on sugar.

In 1864 Newlands proposed a new classification for the chemical elements. He ordered the elements with similar properties in 11 groups, where the similar elements had masses in relation to multiplicity. , sun, there, si, do, d, mi, fa). This ordination showed a certain periodicity.

This classification did not fit some elements, such as calcium. His work was also not widely accepted by the scientific community, and was ridiculed. Many said that he could have classified the elements in alphabetical order.

Although it was unsuccessful in its classification, its table was important for the development of the table we use today. In 1887, he was awarded the Royal Society of London for his contribution to science.

In 1898, Newland dies.