Dynamics Questions

Newton's Laws

(1) Consider the following forces applied to a body:

What is the resulting force applied?

Module: 5N-3N = 2N

Direction and Direction: Same as Force Majeure (5N)

(2) A force of 50 N is applied to a resting body of 100 kg mass. Since this is the only force acting on the body, how fast is it reached after 10 seconds of force application?

Knowing the acceleration of the body we can calculate its velocity:

(3) What is the mass of a body that, from rest, reaches a speed of 12m / s in 20s? Knowing that the force applied to it has a modulus equal to 30N.

Knowing the acceleration of the body:

Strength Weight

(1) What is the minimum force that must be done to lift a car with 800kg mass?

The force must be greater than or equal to the weight force, then:

(2) What is the mass of a body weighing 12000kgf?