Dynamics Questions


(1) A baseball bat hits a ball for 0.5s with a force of 100N. What is the club's thrust on the ball?

(2) In a car accident. One vehicle is stationary while another 800kg moving at an acceleration of 2m / s² hits it. The cars are held together for 10s. What is the thrust of this beat?

Movement Amount

(1) A soccer ball has a mass of 1.2kg and travels at a speed of 15m / s. How much movement does it have?

(2) In a game of billiards a larger ball, which moves at a speed of 3m / s, hits another that was still. The smaller ball moves at a speed of 1.6m / s. What is the speed of the biggest ball? Whereas the mass of the largest ball is twice the smallest ball.

By the principle of conservation of the amount of movement: