Torricelli Equation

So far, we know two equations of uniformly varied motion that allow us to associate speed or displacement with time spent.

It becomes practical to find a function in which it is possible to know the speed of a piece of furniture without the time being known.

For this, we will use the two time functions we already know:



Isolating t in 1):

Replacing t in (2) we will have:

Reducing to a common denominator:


(UFPE) A bullet that moves at a scaling speed of 200m / s as it penetrates a block of wood fixed on a wall is slowed to a stop. How long did the bullet take to move within the block if the total distance traveled inside was equal to 10cm?

Although the problem requires the time that the bullet took, for any of the time functions, we need to have acceleration, to calculate it using the Torricelli equation.

Note that the units were passed to the SI (10cm = 0.1m)

From there, you can calculate the time spent: