Oblique movement

Horizontal throw

This is a peculiarity of the oblique movement where the launch angle is zero, that is, it is launched horizontally.

For example, when a child kicks a ball that falls on a cliff, or when a gardener is watering a garden with a horizontally oriented hose.

For example:

(Cefet-MG) A ping pong ball rolls on a table with a constant speed of 0.2m / s. After leaving the table, it falls, reaching the floor at a distance of 0.2m from the table's feet. Assuming g = 10m / s² and negligible air resistance, determine:

(a) the height of the table;

(b) the time taken by the ball to reach the ground.


, and cos0 ° = 1, then:

, considering the initial horizontal position of furniture zero, and isolating t:

But in this case, the acceleration of gravity (g) will be positive due to the movement being in the same direction as acceleration.

, but sin0 ° = 0, then:

considering the initial vertical position zero and substituting t:

(b) Knowing the table height it is possible to calculate the time spent by the time offset function:

, but sin0 ° = 0, then: