Tricks to remember physics formulas


  • sbusiness onlyI had in ver-tand. (Displacement in uniform motion)

  • sentered in onlydo it vendo televation até sock night. (MUV offset time function)

  • VOgrandfather é atI. (Hourly speed function in MUV)

  • Vi grandfatheryou 2 more Thefriends in a triangle sintimate. (Torricelli equation)

  • Fphysics mand Thessusta! (Newton's 2nd Law)

  • Tenho fis at Deus. (Work with displacement in the same direction of force)

  • Qhuh mOvand. (Amount of Movement)

  • ANDi! Pedro, Maria gosta from Homem. (Gravitational Potential Energy)


  • Qhuh mTheçandtand! (Amount of Sensitive Heat)

  • Qhuh mOleza! (Amount of latent heat)

  • Çrowhathuhtand. (Thermal Capacity)

  • Para vyou noto rgo tanto (Clapeyron equation)

  • Para viver trancid is Pneed viver tworking. (General Law of Perfect Gases)


  • Vmas lick ferida! (wave propagation speed)

  • Fofocus on vlittle girl vin Ouvir, fOfhollow vlittle girl vin fto do! (Doppler effect)


  • aThe flor = oneThe Petala more oneThe Petaline. (Gauss Equation)


  • Fi got andlegant whatbaby! (Electric field)

  • Quero tand ifool! (Current Intensity)