Dictionary - S

  • second: is an angular unit of measure also used to measure time intervals. The second is the duration of 9,192,631,770 radiation periods corresponding to the transition between two hyperfine levels of the cesium atom ground state 133.
  • sinusoid: Sine curve, where the abscissa is proportional to the arc or angle and those ordered to its sine.
  • system: Set or combination of things or parts to form a complex or unitary whole. Any set or series of correlated members or elements.
  • overlap: Overlapping act or effect; overlap. Juxtaposition.
  • solidification: Act or effect of solidifying. Passage of a body from the liquid state to the solid state.
  • solid: Which has its own form. It has the consistency to withstand the weight, the weather, the shock, any external forces. What has solidity; which has a lot of consistency; which is durable. Body that has the three dimensions (length, width and height). Hypothetical body whose parts are supposed to have indefinite adherence and therefore not susceptible to extension, compression or flexion.
  • sublimation: Passage of a body directly from solid state to gas and vice versa.
  • surface: Extension expressed in two dimensions: length and width. The outer part or face of the bodies. What circumscribes bodies; the limits of a body; the length and width considered without depth.
  • overlay: Relationship between two sets of a random variable where the intersecting set is not null; transvariation.