Dictionary - V

  • vacuum: That is not occupied by anything; that contains nothing; Empty, dumped. Space in which there is no atmospheric pressure. Absolute or almost absolute emptying, or external air or gas rarefaction. The empty space that is supposed to exist between the celestial bodies.
  • vaporization: Change from liquid to gaseous state.
  • speedometer: device that measures instantaneous speed.
  • vertical: perpendicular to the horizon plane; that follows the direction of the plumb line.
  • vector: Quantity which for its complete specification requires a quantity, direction and direction; It is commonly represented by a line segment whose length designates the magnitude of the vector and whose direction is indicated by an arrowhead at one end of the segment.
  • volt: Unit of electric potential or electric voltage and electromotive force; difference in electrical potential between the ends of a conductor of 1 ohm international resistance across an invariable current of 1 international ampere.
  • voltmeter: High resistance instrument for measuring the potential difference between two points in volts.