Dictionary - M

  • pasta: Amount of matter that forms a body.
  • magnetism: Property that some metal bodies have to attract and retain other metals and orient the magnetic needle in a north-south direction. Part of physics that deals with these phenomena. Group of phenomena resulting from the magnetic property of the magnet.
  • magneto: Electric generator that provides the necessary voltage to jump the spark in the motor.
  • mechanical: Science that deals with the laws of motion and equilibrium, as well as their application to the construction and use of machines.
  • subway: Unit of length, adopted as the basis of the decimal metric system in 1791, calculated as the tenth millionth of a quarter of the terrestrial meridian. This measure is represented by the iridised platinum bar in the Breteuil Pavilion in Sèvres (France), when it is subjected to normal temperature at 0 ° C under normal pressure. A more accurate process of representing it is now found, based on the wavelength of the reddish-orange spectral line of light emitted by krypton 86 atoms. m.