Dictionary - H

  • harmonic: That has harmony. Concerning harmony. Consistent, compliant, well proportioned, regular, symmetrical. Designative of accessory sounds, which are produced at the same time as a fundamental sound.
  • hertz: unit adopted by the international measuring system for frequency measurement. Your symbol is Hz.
  • heterogeneous: Which is different in nature from the other components of the complex or conglomeration of which it is part; dissimilar. Composed of different constituent parts as to species, qualities or characteristics.
  • hyperbole: Double plane curve, which is the place of the points of a plane, whose difference in the distances to two fixed points of that same plane is constant.
  • homogeneous: Which has the same nature, or is of the same kind as another object. Identical as a whole. It consists of parts or elements of the same nature.
  • horizontal: Parallel or relative to the horizon. That follows the direction of the waters at rest. Perpendicular to the vertical of the observation place. Line parallel to the horizon plane.