Dictionary - G

  • Galilean: acceleration unit equivalent to 10-2 m / s2; symbol: Gal.
  • generator: What generates, or produces. Which generates, by its movement, a line, a surface or a volume. Expression from which one derives or derives another. Apparatus in which vapor or gas is formed from a liquid or solid by the action of heat or a chemical process. apparatus for converting mechanical energy to electrical energy in the form of direct or alternating current; dynamo.
  • greatness: Everything that is susceptible to increase or decrease.
    • constant quantity: quantity that does not vary under the conditions of the calculation.
    • greatness climb: quantity represented by a numerical value.
    • greatness variable: quantity that varies under the conditions of the calculation.
    • greatness vector: quantity represented by a vector.
  • degree: Each of the 360 ​​equal parts into which the circumference of the circle is divided. Each of the scale divisions of some instruments (thermometer, hygrometer, areometer, etc.). Number of equal factors that go into the composition of a power. Sum of the exponents of a given letter of a polynomial or the unknown of an equation, in the term in which this sum is greater.
  • gravity: Effect on the surface of a celestial body of its gravitation and the centrifugal force produced by its rotation. Force of attraction of the land mass; attractive force that calls to the center of the earth all bodies.