Dictionary - F

  • phase: Each aspect of the moon and some planets as they describe their orbit. State of oscillation at a given time. Homogeneous, physically distinct and mechanically separable portion of matter present in a heterogeneous system, which may be either a single compound or a mixture. The position of an alternating force in cycle, measured from the preceding zero value.
  • flow: Total number of power lines of the magnetic circuit passing through a cross section taken perpendicular to the direction of the power lines.
  • force: Any cause capable of producing or accelerating movement, resisting dislocation or determining body deformation.
  • frequency meter: It is an electronic instrument used to measure the frequency of a periodic signal.
  • occupation: Amount related to other (s), such that each value assigned to them corresponds to one of that value.
  • Fusion: Passage of a body from solid state to liquid.