Cato Maximilian Guldberg was a Norwegian-born Christian chemist and mathematician, now Oslo. Born in the year 1836.

Together with his brother-in-law Peter Waage, he formulated the chemical law of mass action as a function of the speed and concentration of the reagents, determining whether this reaction would be reversible in terms of reagent concentrations.

He devoted himself to the study of thermodynamics. He began his academic studies at the University of Christianity. He taught at the Royal Military School. Later, he was a professor of Applied Mathematics at this same University.

In 1864, together with Waage, they formulated the Law of the masses. They also studied the effect of temperature on the rates of chemical reactions. It took 15 years before his works were recognized by French and German scientists of the time.

His works were done in Norwegian and later translated into French. In 1870 Guldberg studied the variation of solidification temperature and vapor pressure by dissolving a compound in a pure liquid.
Died in Norway at 66 years.