Gasoline Substances and Reactions

Commercially used gasoline contains several substances.

Inside the car, there are some chemical reactions that form products harmful to health and the environment.

In the car engine we have:

- hydrocarbon mixture
- ethanol
- sulfur compounds
- air oxygen
- air nitrogen

After the reactions, are formed:

- carbon dioxide
- carbon monoxide
- soot (carbon)
- sulfur dioxide
- sulfur trioxide
- ozone gas
- ethanal
- Water
- uncarbonated hydrocarbons
- other residual compounds

These compounds are released to the atmosphere.

Oxides react with water to form acids.

Oxides released into the atmosphere govern with rainwater. Carbon dioxide with water will form carbonic acid, which is normal rain.

CO2 + H2O → H2CO3 carbon dioxide and water forming carbonic acid

Sulfur and nitrogen oxides react with rainwater to form acids, acid rain, very harmful to the environment.

ONLY2 + H2O → H2ONLY3 sulfur dioxide and water forming sulfuric acid

ONLY3 + H2O → H2ONLY4 sulfur trioxide and water forming sulfuric acid