Daily Chemistry


Check out the usefulness of some hydrocarbons in our daily lives:

- methane (CH4) - It's natural gas. Fuel found in CNG gas, vehicular natural gas.

- propane and butane (C3H7 and C4H10) - It's the cooking gas. LPG, liquefied petroleum gas.

- octane (C8H18) - Gasoline, fuel used in cars.

- ethylene (C2H4) - Used in the manufacture of polyethylene and for making plastics. It is produced in green fruits and acts in the ripening of these fruits. For this reason, we wrap the fruits with newspaper so that they ripen faster. In this way, the ethylene gas is being trapped and accelerates the ripening speed.

- acetylene (C2H2) - Colorless and unstable gas. It is a fuel for welding and cutting metals. Its temperature reaches 3000 ° C and for this reason can be used to weld ships, even under water.

- naphthalene (C10H10) - Used as mothballs to kill insects.

- ethanol (CH3 - CH2 - OH) - Ethyl alcohol is present in alcoholic beverages and also in perfumes.

- metanal (CH2O) - is used as an aqueous solution containing 40% formic aldehyde, which is called formalin or formalin.

It is used as a disinfectant and, in medicine, as a preservative of corpses and anatomical parts. Also used for the manufacture of medicines, plastics, explosives, as well as beauty products.

- propanone (C3H6O) - Acetone. Solvent of enamels, paints and varnishes.