How does the lightning rod work?

The lightning rod is nothing more than a more efficient path for the passage of electricity between the cloud and the earth.

It is basically made of a metal connection (copper, aluminum) that has at the top end a rod to fix it on buildings, houses, water tank, and at the bottom end, a metal rod buried in the ground.

It is a way found not to prevent the occurrence of lightning, but to seek to divert them from potential targets. For it to work, it is important that it is more attractive than the protected object.

Their presence increases the chance of lightning occurring on the spot, but in return, the lightning will be drawn to a special path, thereby deviating from uncertain locations.

Even a well-built lightning arrester does not guarantee 100% the integrity of the improvements, animals and people of the place, because the energy transmitted by the lightning arrester can be very large, which makes the place vulnerable to a series of effects of the lightning.