Synthetic Polymers


Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic today. It is used to manufacture household objects, PET bottles, plastic bags, etc.

This polymer is obtained from an alkene, ethylene. Various parts of ethylene form polyethylene.

This reaction occurs in the presence of a catalyst.


Used in the manufacture of bumpers and ropes due to their high tensile strength.

It is obtained from propylene.



Vinyl chloride

Also known as polyvinyl chloride, it is usually called PVCacronym Polyvinyl Chloride. Used in pipes for plumbing, plastic shoes, etc.

It is obtained from vinyl chloride.

vinyl chloride

polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

This polymer is widely used in the manufacture of cups and plates. When it is heated with substances that produce gases, it swells and gives rise to Styrofoam.

It is obtained from styrene.


Vinyl Polyacetate

This polymer is also called PVAacronym Polyvinyl Acetate.

It is used in the manufacture of paints, chewing gums, adhesives and glues. It is obtained from vinyl acetate.

vinyl polyacetate