Ketone is any organic compound that has the functional group - CO -.

For both aldehydes and ketones, we call this group carbonyl.

Aldehydes and ketones are part of the group of carbonylates.

Ketones have carbonyl attached to two carbon atoms. Ketones examples:





The most common ketone is propanone, better known as acetone. It is used as a solvent for enamels, greases, varnishes and resins.

It is also used in the extraction of vegetable seed oils, in the manufacture of acetic anhydride and medicines. Propanone is a flammable, colorless, pleasant-smelling, water-soluble liquid.

Ketones are found in nature in flowers and fruits. They are generally pleasant smelling liquids. Many artificial and natural ketones are used as perfumes and foods. Some are medicinal substances, such as urine ketone compounds.

Some ketones present in natural compounds

Jasmona or cis-jasmona - Jasmine oil

Ionone - Violet Odor