Electrochemistry is an area of ​​chemistry that studies the reactions that produce electric current through reactions called oxidation and reduction.

It also studies the reactions that occur through the supply of electric current, known as electrolysis. In these situations, electron exchanges occur between atoms and ions.

Electrochemistry is very present in our daily lives. It is basically present in batteries used in electronic devices such as mobile phone, remote control, flashlights, camcorders, calculators, electronic toys, battery radios, computers and many others.


Oxidation reduction (oxidation and reduction) reactions are also present in everyday life, such as iron oxidation (rust formation), reduction of metal ores for metal production, steel formation, ship corrosion, etc.


The conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy is a spontaneous process called a galvanic cell.

The conversion of electrical energy to chemical energy is a non-spontaneous process called electrolysis.